Conference Registration

Registration in English

You can register using either the English system or the Japanese system (below).
【July 16, Wednesday, 6 PM (JST): Deadline to register for the workshops】

On the reception on July 20, Sunday

The registration system for the reception will be closed when the number of registrants exceeds the capacity of the Event Space in the Ito International Research Center. You may be able to attend the reception on the day if the slots are available. Please pay your fee at the reception desk on site. The reception fee is 5,000 yen (3,000 yen for the first 50 registrants) and 3,000 yen for students.

On the workshops between July 20, Sunday, and July 25, Friday

In a workshop session, a presenter will distribute his/her research paper about a week earlier, all the participants should read it in advance of the session, and on the day of the workshop session a majority of the time will be devoted to discussions on the paper. Please refer to the Format page for more information. Given the nature of the workshops and the physical capacity of the workshop rooms, the number of the participants is very limited. Please understand that there is a chance that you may not be able to attend your preferred workshop if there are many registrants to that workshop. Once registered, you will receive a notice (and a draft of the presentations as an email attachment if your application is successful) around July 16, Wednesday. There will be no participation fee for the workshops.

To Register, click HERE (English version).

Registration in Japanese (日本語での事前登録)


7月20日(日) レセプションについて


7月20日(日)-25日(金) ワークショップについて